Can one really manke big money trading in Nifty Options?

If yes, are there any reliable sources for trading tips? There are too many around, and all of them claim to double / triple your money in a month. Is there any genuine service provider for accurate and timely information?

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  1. Dear fellow,

    This stock market is a gamble. It is also a place for people who have stinking money which they dont mind losing. The only ones who make money are the extremely smart people or people with insider tips. Not to mention the FII’s Who are the new colonizers of India. It is all humbug. So if you have hard earned money dont invest heavily. You can play a bit, but there is no way to make big money.

    It is an organized fraud plan by mutual funds, financial companies and FIIs to swindle the common unsuspecting Indian investor. It is like heads I win and Tails you lose. They know the herd mentality of Indian investor and they take advantage of it. The reason is that the investor buys or sells NOT because of financial reasons (There are no sacred financial rules in stock market) but because of social reasons like friend is doing or mother in law is doing.

    So in my view, it is all bogus. Are you tied up with some fraudsters who are manipulating the market or do you have insider information or FII information, they you can enter big.

    TIP, KEEP WATHCING HOW THE FIIS AND FDIS ARE INVESTING IN A SCRIP, AND THAT IS A MAJOR GIVEAWAY. They are here to make money at the cost of the Indian investor. All legally.
    ANOTHER TIP. Remember if you make a profit, you have to pay a tax on that. So, compute what tax you will be paying and make a profit to cover the tax.

    ANOTHER TIP. There are people who show losses in the stock market to offset income/profits from other streams of income. That is a good strategy.

    Hope this helps

  2. Yes, all sources are reliable. what question arise to whom you select.There are number of share GURUS. Select one out of them which suits you. Follow that Guru,s guidelines without applying your mind and also pay consultant fee to him/her.You must won the nifty game.

  3. If your looking to make money, invest in TCX. This company is highly rated in The price is .40 and I’m specting to rise to .73 in one week. Find information about it and invest.

  4. One who can double the money in month should be richest man in the world.So think twice before taking service of these service providers.

  5. Basically it is a calculated risk in investing in any of the stock market products. Options are in now way different. Once you have gained the basic inputs on derivatives, you can start investing in the options in a small way. Since the options confer a right and not an obligation to perform, they are relatively risk limiting contracts. Let me stress again, you can make money provided you are prepared to lose the premium you have paid upfront. has lot of info on this topic, including an eclassroom for derivatives.

  6. Offcourse ,one can make BIG MONEY while trading in NIFTY Options


    This is not complete story

    One can easily Loose a GOOD AMOUNT OF MONEY in trading in Nifty Options.

    Only one confirmed POSITIVE aspect in Options is that ….If you are trading as Options Buyer …then ….You cannot loose more than what you have…..Bcoz, the downward Risk is limited to the amount of Premium.

    Basically , These instrument are invented to give some amount of security to your Portfolio by hedging Risks. BUT , these are used NAKEDLY by inexperienced people.

    So, here we are…..

    Look Problem did’t lie in the Market per se…..

    I usually Experienced that Main Problem lies with the Mindset with which a Potential investor enters the Stock Market.

    In Addition there is a community called Broker which always helps in worsning the situation …without Knowing.

    The Mindset
    Please don’t look at the Stock Market as a Place where Gambling is taking place in a legalised form. Boss, This is serious Money involving Market and most of the time did’nt favour those who invest casually.Moreover, there is no TRICK/TIPS that make you rich overnight.

    Some Exception may be there …BUT ..Normally it did’nt happen.

    The Broker
    Most of the Broking firms employs LOW COST inexperienced personnel as Managers. Then apply FULL ON pressure of Revenue Generation from clients. Then these so called ” Relationship Managers ” ….ADVICES….abruptly to their client ,making inappropriate and impossible ambitious claim JUST TO GENERATE REVENUE.

    Like you mention Doubling/Tripling your Money
    Ask them, why are you working 9 – 5 for a meagre salary in some C class company?

    Thus , my advice before entering in these kind of trades FIND a GOOD ,Experienced Broker personaly then and Only then Try out these derivative instrument.

    TIP : A good Broker never claim tall Promises

    Let me quote the famous line by an American Economist about these Derivative instrument…like Futures and Options ..e.t.c

    ” These are weapons on Financial Mass Destruction ”

    Thus, these intrument are to be …HANDLE WITH CARE

    Hope it will answer your query

  7. Hah I have seen issues like this many times on the site – perhaps people should know the answers by this time.

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