Can one ask a car insurance company to not file a claim?

If one had an accident and it is their fault, can they ask their insurance company to not file a claim and you take care of the collision damage to the other car?

If the other person calls their insurance company, who in turn contacts your, is your insurance company obligated to file the claim because they now know?

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  1. Whenever an insurance company is notified about a collision, they are required to file a claim. If you are at fault for an accident, your insurance company is legally obligated to pay for the other person’s damages, unless the not-at-fault party specifically tells the insurance company they do not want to settle with them.

  2. The answer may depend on what state your in.

    In California after a claim is filed, yes it can be cancelled if the 2 parties decide to work it out themselves or for other reasons.

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