One Reply to “can nifty become to price Rs. 100 ?”

  1. No

    read below my analysis for you

    Positional Talk:

    Spot Nifty; Pull back likely at 2735 with bearish trend. Market is under bearish trend; therefore short selling side 2795-9 is potential opportunity as technically with 2860 mentioned in group home page chart.

    Monthly Range of Nifty 3150-2500 as on technical level, after break 3150 then, market may enter into bullish trend otherwise still bearish.

    Intraday level:

    Spot nifty have support 2520-2500, Nifty have to sustain above 2500.

    Spot nifty have intraday resistance between2668 and 2679, traders may start book profiting around 2680 as intraday. (YESTERDAY WE TOLD)

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