Can my neighbor operate a commercial business on residential lot?

My neighbor has an easement across my driveway to access his home. His property is zoned as residential and is 3/2 home. He runs a big tree business and parks 3-5 huge trucks there each night and drives them over the easement each day. His workers meet there every morning and has place a huge 18 wheeler trailer on the lot for storage. Is this legal? how do I address this locally?

Can my neighbor operate a commercial business on residential lot?
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  1. Many local zoning boards prohibit certain size vehicle parking and/or certain type Business in residential areas . call your local city zoning office and ask , they will most likely send someone out to investigate . you can do this anonymously but if you file a complaint it will have more impact on getting something followed up
    If you are concerned about damages to your drive talk with him about it. as your drive is probably not sufficient for the large trucks.

  2. First off you begin by reading the easement document. Is the easement for residential use or does it allow commercial traffic. Does it have a specific width that the large trucks exceed? (If so, put up a fence that gives him exactly that width).

    You can also install a gate (and give him a key) which would require the large trucks to stop and open and then close it..

    But as to the commercial business.. for that you must contact your local government officials and see how they handle the zoning and if he has a permit. If he does not then you can file a complaint and he will have to deal with it.