Can my American born daughter inherit property from me which is in India?

I was born in India. My daughter was born in USA. I have some agricultural land and a house in India. Can I pass it on to her? Does she have to accept the citizenship of India and giveup that of America for thet? Does India allow dual citizenship?

I did not know where exactly this question should be placed? I did not see any category named legal.

Thank you for taking time and answering my question.

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  1. you cant own property in a country which you are not a citizen in

    however since you are a citizen so is she and i assume they accept dual citizenship i have never heard of otherwise

  2. as long as u r her birth mother and u have a will or something proving that it is her property then yes it does not matter where the stuff is.

  3. MZWIZ is 100% INCORRECT… sorry… you most certainly CAN own property in one country and be a citizen of another…. Look at all the celebrities with homes in many countries —George Clooney for one is a US citizen but owns a beautiful home in Italy as well as Tina Turner, and many others… If you were a citizen of India when your child was born, then your child INDEED has dual citizenship….any AMERICAN child born of AMERICAN citizens in other countries also has dual citizenship… why do you think all those Illegal aliens are coming to the USA to have their babies??? So that their CHILDREN will be US citizens as well as citizens of their own countries… If you have a will it should stipulate that your daughter is to receive this land… if you do NOT have a will GET ONE and file it in BOTH countries just so there is no mixup at the time of your death.

    India does NOT allow dual citizenship.
    However you can get an OCI card and she can get a PIO registration.
    The only thing I can find about owning property is this.
    Restrictions of the PIO card –
    The right to buy property in the Kashmir/Jammu region.
    Therefore it must be assumed that you can buy and own property anywhere else in India. See the below link for details.

  5. obviously yes madam…….u can pass it 2 ur daughter by will……she can evn own in other parts of d world too……bt it might not b possible for jst ne1 to buy a property in som places, lik Arunachal Pradesh, India…etc.

  6. Yes,she can.However to be on the safe side,why don’t you consider getting dual citizenship for you and a PIO(Person of Indian Origin)
    certificate for her?Check out with the Indian Consulate office nearest to your residence in the US.Good Luck.

  7. Your Daughter can inherit property in India.

    Your daughter can have dual citizenship, provided you still hold the Indian Citizenship, I think you should check with Indian Embassy, there is some charge ($1000) for dual citizenship.

    You may find more information about Dual Citizenship from the Indian Govt. Website –

    Your daughter won get the following after dual citizenship –

    1. indian passport
    2. voting rights
    3. government posts
    4. rights to fight elections

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