Can money be transferred from one bank to another in different countries.?

Can a tourist open a bank account in a foreign country during his stay.

Can money be transferred from a bank which is in India to a bank a/c (which is in the name of some other person than the sender) in another country through netbanking.

if yes, what is the procedure for that. can it be done within seconds.

can cash be directly credited to a foreign bank account (i mean without putting it in an indian bank ac first) from india. whatz the procedure for that or requirements for that.


Can money be transferred from one bank to another in different countries.?
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2 Replies to “Can money be transferred from one bank to another in different countries.?”

  1. Yes, a tourist can open a bank account with a copy of passport & proof of stay but why it is required
    as the period of stay is short.
    Money can be transfered to other’s account by providing name of the bank account no.router no.& swift code of the bank overseas .You have to declare on form no.A-2 the purpose for which the remmitance is made & the remmitance is in accordance with permitted reasons as per foreign exchange regulations of RBI.Any bank dealing foreign exchange business will make the remmitance & the credit is given within 24 hours.
    No cash can not be deposited in overseas account from India.It’s a violation of RBI rules & the declaration which is not acceptable.
    Your queries leads to benami/fishy transactios.All such transactions can not be undertaken by foreign exchange dealers & they are under close scrutiny of RBI & IT authorities.

  2. Yes, any Transfer for any country to any country – Bank to Bank can be undertaken with the present technology. The system is banking terms is called SWIFT
    Yes, such transfers differ from country to country as per Monetary Policy of that country. One has to abide by the terms and regulations of that particular country.
    In India RBI is the Monetary Authority and guidelines are given for all Banks to adhere to that policy which undertakes changes from time to time.

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