2 Replies to “can landlord transfer the property where the tenant is existing under delhi rent control act?”

  1. Yes, it can be done. (Long time for me to remember this) okay this is how it was explained to me (since I am not aware of all the legalities of it, my friend who worked in real estate told me about it.
    Yes, it can be 1] ask the current owner for an Amortization
    if refused
    2] Go to public records and make it publicly known that you are in the process of purchasing the house, too bad if he doesn’t like it (well she didn’t say that, I did)
    3] You may not use your deposit for lasts month’s rent
    4] A deposit is set apart for a security against a damaged part of the property.
    5] If you left without paying your lasts month rent, the landlord, who was a slumlord can use the deposit to cover the damages.

    However,since rental was in a high crime area was already known by the current slum lord , the Judge if, after hearing the case, and showing proof, most likely the Judge would show mercy to the one who should have filed a public record, but failed to due to having to cut working hours to watch over property.

  2. If the prospective purchaser can handle these tenants issues, then there is no bar in transferring unless there is a specific stay from court.

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