Can Internet be a Primary source of Income?

I mean, is it possible to make a living …solely from online earnings? like earnings from websites & blogs through adsense, affiliate marketing etc.

Is there anyone who’s doing that? You or your friends?

Thanks in Advance.

Can Internet be a Primary source of Income?
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4 Replies to “Can Internet be a Primary source of Income?”

  1. In the way of blogs it’s possible…

    Maddox has pretty much achieved that with ‘The Best Page in the Universe”. All he did was write his opinions.

    Tucker Max is another one, he writes comical stories about his life of partying. He’s released a book and I imagine doing quite well.

    It’s possible, but you need something that people will want to read.

  2. Maybe if you’re a spammer. Or doing those Nigerian scams. I hear you can make a lot of money stealing/selling peoples identities.

  3. Yes ofcourse. there are a lot of ways to make money over the net, and that too primary income

    Affiliate programs are infact the ones that pay you the most. There are even surveys on the net which pay you to take them. Check out the sources for a list of what all you can do to earn through the internet

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