Can I withdraw Thai Baht in Bangkok using my Allahabad Bank International Visa ATM and Debit Card?

I have an Allahabad Bank Visa International ATM cum Debit card.I am running short of cash here.But i have sufficient money in my debit card account.can i withdraw thai baht here using the card?if yes in which bank’s atm is it possible and what is the transaction cost?

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  1. Yes, why not? From all Big Banks in Thailand, Have you informed your bank that you will be travelling abroad and will use your card. Some banks will automaticallt cancel your card if they detect suspicious withdrawal, most specially from abroad.
    Transaction cost is 200 Baht per withdrawal!

  2. I use debit cards from US banks all the time. One of my debit cards is Visa and the other is MasterCard. Both work okay.

    Your problem may be that your bank could deny the ATM withdrawal because they suspect the card is stolen. Go to a bank when the bank is open. If the card does not come back you can get a bank employee to open it. Or, go inside the bank and present your card together with identification and allow the bank to make the withdrawal. You will get Thai baht.

    If you are broke and short of money what else can you do anyway? Do you have a chip or long pin number? If so use the bank teller.

  3. You must have are you need to notify your bank that you will be using your card outside India. (I had to look up where your bank is, not everyone knows every bank in the world by name.)
    You will pay 150 baht for each transaction and you will pay what ever your bank assesses for foreign transactions.
    Next time you get ready to travel, notify your bank before you go that way everything is all set up for your enjoyment.

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