Can I use Virtual credit card in itunes?

I have a Punjab National bank atm+debit card, i want to make a vcc using Can i use that vcc for buying apps on itunes.
If yes Please explain the procedure.
What are other sites better than

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  1. Entropay is in association with Visa, so it appears secure. But there is one point of caution.
    For which type of App do you want to make payment? If your App requires monthly or other regular stream of payments, you won’t be able to use virtual credit card. You can use virtual credit card only for one-time payments.
    Regarding procedure, you will have to explore entropay and iTunes websites.

  2. Simply Register ur cader details & then transfer money how much u want to shop then they provides VCC card number, cvv & exp date use that for shop. remain amount will be credited to ur bank ac automatically with in 2 or 4 days..

    Entropay charges some % of money of use VCC..

    HDFC only providing VCC for free… i think in india no other banker providing VCC except HDFC & Entropay gateway…

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