5 Replies to “Can I use someone else’s debit card or credit card for paying LIC premium online?”

  1. Sure you can do that if you do it with the knowledge and consent of the credit card holder. Otherwise it will be a criminal offence for which you can be imprisoned as well.

  2. Consider this case:

    You go to a hotel with your friend to have food. You order food but you friend does not. At the end your friend insists on paying the bill.

    Will the Hotelier object? As long as he gets paid for the food you ate, he does not care who paid the money. The money is not labeled as my money or your money or his money.

    From the photo in your profile you dont look so stupid.


  3. If they permits ask them to pay themselves to your LIC premium. but without their permission you should not use others debit/credit card details.

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