20 Replies to “can i use my credit card to withdraw cash from ATM?”

  1. You can use a credit card in an ATM, however, it is very expensive. Typically there is a higher interest rate for “cash advances”. Plus, on purchases you usually get X number of days to pay it off without accruing interest. Cash Advances, however, accrue interest from day 1.

    It’s a very expensive loan.

  2. U could ask your credit card issuer about the procedure and limits of cash withdraws. But it is usual perception that cash withdraws attract scorching interest rates.


  3. Yes, if they gave you the four-digit pin number for cash withdrawal. It is like using that exact amount from your card, but the interest rate is high.

    I couldn’t do it on a bank teller machine, only an ATM machine. If you go up to a bank machine it won’t work, but if you use an ATM that is in a grocery store it should work if you have the pin.

  4. You will need a pin number. Most credit cards charge a percentage for “cash advances”. Usually from 3-5% or $5, whatever is greater. Alot of cards have a higher rate for the cash advance also. If you pay 15% for purchases, they will charge 20% or more on the cash portion of your balance. Unless it’s an emergency, I wouldn’t advise doing it.

  5. No u can use ur credit card to withdraw money , but u need to have a pin number , which the bank must have given to you , when u received the card. But as others have already informd u the rate of intrest is very high once u withdraw money from ur credit card. & also there is certain cash limit which u can withdraw, which must be mentioned in the letter which u have received with the card

  6. Yes Dia! all the answers above are correct. The cash withdrawal from an ATM by your credit card is considered as a loan and would attract a very high rate of interest ( in India 3 – 3.5% per month). Credit card loan is one of the worst forms of debt and always be careful not to fall into the trap.

    Do well!

  7. You can use credit card to withdraw cash from ATM. You have to interest on amount of money withdrawn generally about 22 to 24% PA. It is needless to mention that your credit card must support cash withdrawal.

  8. Of course u can use your credit card to withdraw money from the ATM..u need to remember the Pin of that card to get the access in the atm…
    PIN(personal identification number) is s unique no.which is given to u when u get the new card…
    But if u withdraw cash from ur credit card it attracts a very high interest rates…beware of that….dont withdraw cash until its inevitable…and when u with draw dont do in small amount like 100 or 200 bucks coz initial transaction itself costs u a minimum of 150 to 200 bucks(as it is cash withdrawal).

  9. credit card can be used to withdraw the money but card companies fix up a cassh limit for withdrawal. its 25-30 % of total limit sanctioned for cash and from next year it increases. but heavy withdrawal interest is charged for cash which varies from 200 rs to some %

  10. yes u can withdraw money on credit card, but it will prove to be very expensive. minimum transaction charges rs 75 and u have to pay interest on the amount withdrawn from the date of withdrawl till the time u pay it. the minimum rate of interest is app 36 % per annum

  11. You can use the credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM, provided you have the PIN number that the bank must have sent you.

    You must know that there is a Cash withdrawal charge from your bank and also from the bank whose ATM you used. This is around 1.5%. Also Interest is charged on a daily basis @ almost 40% per year. So it is not a wise thing to do.

    I have withdrawn cash a few times – but only in emergencies, like hospitalization of a relative. Each time I ensured that the entire sum + all earlier dues on my card were cleared immediately.

    Careful. Read the fine print before you proceed – else you could run into huge losses.

  12. yes dear you can use ur credit card to withdraw money from your atm but in that case u have to give intrest on that sum of maney from the date u made a withdrawl

    so i would suggest you not to withdraw any cash from your credit card instead u use your card for making payments for your purchases

    use your card safely

    have a nice day

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