Can I start using paypal without giving credit card details?

I have this paypal account that I signed up for giving my PAN number, but now, in order to proceed they are asking for my credit card number and I dont have a credit card!
Anyway, I would need paypal account in order to receive my payments, so is it possible to use it without credit card details?
Please Help!

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  1. Yes, you can give them your checking account details, barring that you are out of luck. The process is there in order to cut down on fraud.

  2. Ya sure you can use your paypal account whithout creditcard info. but with certain limit.You can send or recive only 500USD if you dont give bank account or creditcard info.You can withdraw the money by using issue cheque method.But it has some charge and i suggest to have a credit card or debit card soon because transfer in your bank account leads you to less deduction of withdrawl charge.

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