Can I start in an internet business in Dubai which is registered in India?

I want to know if its possible to start an internet business in Dubai but keep the company registered in India. Is this possible? If yes, under what conditions? If no, whats the alternative?

Thank you

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  1. I’m starting a internet business, it’s a franchise called Global Domains International, a networkmarketing company that distributes domain names and give hosting service.
    It doesn’t matter where you are, because all you need is your computer. May be you don’t believe me but it’s really good. And you can have a 7 days free trial to see how it works.
    It’s simple, legit, and unexpensive.

    I’m starting this company because of what the business mentor R. Kiyosaki says :

    If you are interested. Check the online video presentations at:

    It’s a good start i think 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I am confused as to why you want to do this but this is possible.

    However you can run an internet business from anywhere in the world having just a computer and an internet connection.

    But if at all you want your company to be registered in India and operate from Dubai here’s the solution.

    I am too from India so I can provide you a way. What you can do is open your bank account in ICICI bank in India.

    Then you can open up your website to run your own internet business from Dubai. If you are selling your own products you can signup under 2checkout, clickbank or paypal as they will allow you to accept credit card payments from your clients.

    Also if you are selling affiliate products there are websites that will pay you directly into your paypal account.

    And integrating your paypal, 2checkout or clickbank with ICICI bank is easy. Only clickbank sends you a check and if you decide to use 2checkout or paypal you can easily get a wire transfer payment to your ICICI account almost instantly.

    I do this same setup for my clients who decide to opt my one on one help in starting their internet business.

    If you need my help regarding this you can surely contact me.

    All the best,
    Murtuza :0)

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