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  1. At initial stage if there are no receipts, the expenses paid in cash are treated as loss. It can be carried over.

  2. petty expenses you can pay by cash but Rent etc are major heads they should not be in cash any transaction should not be more than 1000/- in cash and more than that should be in cheque.
    15000/- means very small expense but if it is more than any major head their the expense should be dispersed and treated under different heads upto 5000/- or 10% of the turnover.

  3. You can claim these expenses. However you may have to prepare proper cash payment vouchers which are signed. The voucher should include –

    1. Expense Head (Say rent, office exp or misc exp)
    2. Amount
    3. Narration
    4. Signature of Recipient (sign it yourself if no recipient signs it!)

  4. The cash expenses without any cash memo or bill or cash receipt might not be allowed by the income tax officer. The voucher with complete details of expense nature and purpose (in relation to business) should be mentioned over it. There should be explanation why the regular expenses incurred on cash such as rental. We would recommend to avoid cash payments without proper bill.