Can i invest money in lifelong pension plus, a traditional scheme of SBI life insurance?

the agent is telling that the interest of life long pension plus is 14%,ie, if we invest 1 lakh/year for twenty years, we will get 1 crore, at the time of maturity. is this 14% interest is fixed, or will it be fluctuating? i need the advantages and disadvantages of this scheme?

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  1. Madam, If you are so serious in investment, why don,t you invest in the GCC in a business with out any competetion & 100% safe , more over the Return On Investment is only 18 months.
    There is opportunity to work also in your business if you are qualified.
    Please think about it & let me know.


    Edward Johny.

  2. Don’t follow agent’s advice when it comes to insurance. I am not saying that all agents are bad but the point is an agent will only highlight good part of a insurance policy and sometimes, further exaggerate things. As a matter of fact, insurance company cannot claim to pay 14 % return every year. Ask for the official Illustration of the policy or generate it online from SBI’s website.

  3. Your agents promised false with you don`t be trapped . There is only one thing guaranteed in this plan that is guaranteed Additions of 10% of annual premium on 15th policy anniversary & 10% of annual premium on every 5th policy anniversary thereafter in case of regular premium policy. Nothing other guaranteed regarding return. According your question if your age about 35 yrs then you may get.
    3318111 @ 6 % and 5306373 @ 10 %
    It is a non participating accumulating pension plan.
    Further details about that you may ask with your honest advisor.

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