Can I Invest In PPF From Any Post Office Or Any Bank Branch ?

Or is there any restriction that i can invest from only the specific place/branch where i opened the account?
Thanks In Advance.

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  1. You can open a PPF Account in any of the branches of State Bank of India (SBI) or a Post Office. You can transfer the PPF account from one branch to another if required. The only restriction in PPF account is that you can open only one PPF account. You cannot operate multiple PPF Accounts.

  2. Mr.Surender answer contains much information.

    Further I would like to advise you to open a PPF a/c in SBI than in post office. Please note that if you open a PPF a/c through some agent, he will offer you some % of incentive. PPF agents are avilable in every big post office. If you contact the concerned postal cleark, he will show you the agents. On PPF they offer very low % when compared to NSC. If your PPF instalment is more try.

    The advantage with PPF is that you can invest between Rs.500 to 70,000 per year depending on your income of that year. But you have to deposit only once. I will deposit my PPF between 25th March to 31st march after estimating my income and other 80C investments.

  3. You can invest PPF from any post office or State bank of India and its subsidiaries. There will be locking period of 15 years.

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