5 Replies to “Can I have Bank Account with slightly changed name?”

  1. No you can’t. It’s called fraud. Using document in there, they have to use your real name is it. In any chance of using another name or a name that isn’t in your birth name, you can get arrested for using a bank account that is specified in another name. Unless you want to link the account in your brothers name, which is legal, but you need your brother with you to do so.

  2. No,Any Cant allow to do so
    IT’s against RBI’s KYC norms and against Negotiable Instruments Act
    If you to Open/Modify Bank Mr Preetam Ahuja than you have to sumbit
    a document proof(Pan Card,Voter Id,Passport,SSC certificate etc) with Name spell.

    Best option is to ask remitter to send with your original name.

  3. It is not treated as material change.You should open the account in the name of
    holding valid document & bank will not object if you receive the payment in the
    name of Preetam instead of Pritam.I am getting drafts as suneel,suniel instead
    sunil but bank has never objected.Similarly shri or sri does not create a problem
    with the bank.Talk to your manager & if required give a written undertaking to this
    effect which will be accepted.Hope your bank manager is cooperative coz there is
    nothing wrong in it.

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