can I get my PF refunded after 7 months of service.?

I work for a small concern and have given my notice. my company with holds PF. this is the first time i have worked.

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  1. When a company deducts PF then that amount will be deposited in EPFO office by your company against your name. And EPFO office gives a unique PF account number on your name.

    Its like a bank account of PPF account. So please check with your company that they have opened ur PF account at Regional Employee PF office (EPFO) and ensure that they have deposited the amount.

    IF ur account is not opened then ask for PF refund from ur company. and If ur company provide your PF account number then also u can withdraw the amount by submitting application.

    But it will be better to transfer the PF amount to new PF number at new employer.

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