Can I get my money back ?

I have been cheated by a fraud finance company. They asked to deposit money in
their Punjab National Bank Accounts. I deposited money. After this they have switched off their mobiles. Will lodging complaint to Police, yield any result ?

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  1. Er, it is not illegal to switch off your mobile. It is slightly unusual to have a finance company employee’s mobile number in the first place

  2. From the above I understand that you have acted on their oral instruction. Do you have the counterfoil of the amount deposited in their account ? Try to get the address of the company from the Bank and lodge a police complaint. At least his will help others from cheated.

  3. As they cheated you, you should lodge a complaint with police.There is no way bank people would give money back to you.If you lodge a complaint, police can enter in the field and can open the case and even they can advise the bank authorities to lock the account once it is confirmed by them that they have cheated public.You should not leave like that as it should be eye opener to them.

  4. You should make one FIR to police. You must be knowing address of that company. Otherwise you can take address from the Bank where the company opened the bank account. Inform it the Bank also.

    You have not mentioned other detail otherwise matter can also be referred to SEBI

  5. impossible…! without get full details about that company why u invest??? don’t repeat again…! if u have any evidence then can try.. otherwiz its sorry.. impossible!

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