6 Replies to “Can I get bank loan to start a new business by submitting new business plan and papers only but no security?”

  1. No. When you don’t put your own money into your business, why should the bank give you a loan. This shows you have no confidence in your own project.
    From my experience with the bank, they will only give you money when you don’t need it. When you need money, they will ask you for all kinds of securities.
    My bank was only willing to give me 60% loan.

  2. Getting a loan from a traditional bank without security is very unlikely. The only hope would be if you have previously done business with the bank and proved your credit worthiness in the past. Even a well written business plan won’t persuade them.

  3. There have been a several options for lending.just you have to choose depending on your purpose.Most people come up with bad credit for a loan.i don’t think it is not hard to get now a days with out having fair credit score.check this is place may be a help to find solution.


    You can get approved for an online loan on same day.i advise you to pick loan from certified lenders .direct loan is the good choice so that you will get at low apr compared to different states…

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