Can I get a small loan with bad credit?

I am in debt with a few different companies. Its been about 2 years and I owe approximately $900. I don’t know my exact credit score. All I need is $1,000 for student expenses. Any help?
I have already recieved financial aid for college at the beginning of the semester. I am in need of the money this month as soon as possible to keep from being evicted from my apartment. I will have more than enough to pay back the money next month.

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  1. You might get one with a high interest, but that would just make your credit problem worse.
    Try student loans and scholarships. If you are in the US you should have already filled out a FAFSA. Talk to your college and look online for available scholarships.
    If the student is not in college, talk to the school. They might have ways to help you.

  2. No
    Sell something at a pawn shop
    They give you 120 days to retrieve your item and will give you a quarter of what it is worth on the spot in cash.
    If you are in debt to someone for 2 years (if that means you haven’t paid them) that would show anyone you apply for a new loan with that you didn’t handle your last experience very well. In their mind, who’s to say you stop or don’t pay them at all? They only have your past to judge you on.

    Go give plasma. You may be able to get $50 per donation. You can donate 2x a week.

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