Can I get a share in my Ancestral home if my Father’s name is not in the will?

My father has 9 siblings, 7 names are on the will and 2 are left out (My father being one of them). My father has passed away now, and his siblings are now selling the house. Is there any way that I can get a share in the property or can I dispute it any way?

According to Indian Law, please advise, Thanks!

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  1. I believe the answer is no you can’t. Even if your father name WAS on the will and he passed away with his name still on it, you would still have no rights to it.

  2. In the United States, most property has to go through a legal system called probate. During probate even with or without a will anyone to include those that are not family members might contest the will for legal as well as mental capacity of the person making the will or undo influence on the will maker from a family member or someone else.

    I am sure there might be something similar to probate in India. You should contact an attorney in Indian for information about your legal rights even though your father was not on the original will and you are not on this current will.

    I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

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  3. Ancestral property cannot be willed. According to Indian Law you have your right over it. Even your father had a right, but he did not bother. Claim your share. A good lawyer can help you get your share.

  4. If the person written the Will has self acquired the property, then it is his choice to give it to any body. So you may not be able to claim any of your share on that.

    Anyway consult a lawyer with details.

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