can I get a letter from Credit card co. stating that a/c vl nt get reported negatively 2 credit bureau?

I want to go for settlement but am afraid that it will be show negative on my credit report. And consequently I can face problems in getting loans from banks. Is there any way where in I can recieve a letter from credit card co. that debt is sett in full & will nt affect future credit because it’s of no use to pay them if it will still show negative after paying

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  1. Your best bet is to pay off debt. If you know you have a negative statement then write a letter regarding the account and mail it into all three credit Bureaus to get statement posted nest to that account for view by future creditors. Statement should contain waht the cause or reason for delay payment etc.
    ie “On Nov XX, 2010 there was a 30 day delinquencies due to unemployment.

    Wait a few months after you send letters (keep copies & records of mailings) request credit report & verify all info was put into your reports. If not pull out your documents & get on the phone to get it corrected. Always get name date & time of whom you speak with ^ the outcome for your records.

    You are entitled to one free credit report each year from all three credit bureaus so that you know what bank, lenders see about you (that would be 3 reports)

    When I cleaned up credit I did a transfer to one acct with 0 % So instead of paying on 3 cards, I only had 1 card and a no interest for 12 months.

    I also closed all accts & wrote letter as to why for creditors because they also do like to see numerous open & close accts.

    The acct I transferred to I also limited credit available so that I would not use the card. It was merely a tool to combine all cards & to get 0 % APR

    Good Luck.

  2. THe worse thing you can have on a credit report is a paid collection account. My advisor got my negatives removed from my credit report and I never actually paid the debt.

    It’s a free service on the first call 800-763-2210

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