Can i fill LIC premium of my daughter?

My daughter is married and his husband is working Govt Job. If i fill LIC (Insurance premium) of her, will i be able to take advantage of tax deduction.(in Tax saving limit 1.0 lack as per IT rules) in my returns?

May please advise?

Can i fill LIC premium of my daughter?
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  1. yes you can pay the insurance premium for your married daughter and claim benefits under section 80c. I have been paying for my married daughter and claiming rebate under section 80c since 1999.
    it is allowed by government of India. your office may ask you to show the proof that U have paid, in that case a copy of your bank passbook/statement showing a withdrawn of the premium account is a proof in itself.
    and, by the way, you dont fill the premium, you PAY it.

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