Can I file income taxes without my employer knowing? PLEASE HELP?

Here’s the situation: I have been employed by a company for quite a while now. I am paid cash, under the table. My employer doesn’t want the employees who get paid cash to file income tax. Is there anyway that I can file taxes without my employer knowing?

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  1. The IRS is responsible for complying with the Privacy Act of 1974. This means that they will not tell your employer if you filed a tax return or not; they will tell him absolutely nothing about you. Not filing a return when you are legally required to do so will get you in much worse trouble than following your employer’s wishes and not filing.

    Your employer is asking you to break the law.

  2. This is complex. You can’t file tax returns without your employer knowing about it but you should do it if your income is taxable and you have paid self assessed tax. If your employer has TAN and filing TDS returns, even nil, quarterly, then you are under no obligation to file tax returns upto the income of five lac provided your employer has deducted your tax at source for income above 2 lac. But your employer is not doing so. This is a punishable act. In this case, you should file tax returns if your income exceed 2 lac and if you have paid tax through self assessment. But you need your employer to sign TDS certificate (form 16) and salary statement to file your returns. The matter is serious. I hope you are bold enough to notify the concerned authorities.

  3. Your employer will know eventually that you filed because you will have to name his company
    as the source of your income.
    Your employer must give you W2 forms to include with your return and he is legally compelled
    to deduct income tax from each weekly pay.
    You will have to pay taxes on your income now because he didn’t deduct any.
    You both would be better doing it the legal way.

  4. Al Capone went to Alcatraz prison for tax evasion/fraud. Good thing for you it is closed. You must file a tax return. Did you know if you do not pay into social security taxes there will be no social security when you retire? Did you know that if you are not listed as an employee you are not covered under your employers workers comp? You cannot get unemployment?

  5. if this is a US question, you should not be concerned about your employer, you need to report this income on Sch C and SE and pay what you owe, or possibly not owe if you are entitled to EIC etc
    what your employer is asking is not legal and you do not want to be a party to it
    he’s not going to see your tax return, he has no access to your tax information etc

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