Can i file income tax returns for 2006-07 now ?

I am a salaried person.But there was no tax deduction in that time period, as my salary was well below the tax deductible category.
I have the Form 16 from the company with me .
So can i file the returns for the previosu year still now ?
If so where can i do that ?

Can i file income tax returns for 2006-07 now ?
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  1. Yes you can, actually as long as you dont owe the Government money for tax’s you can file for your return for up to the prevous 2 years. After that they will keep your money but if you owe they have to be done before the April cut off date. You can file normally either yourself or with H&R block or Turbo Tax any of those.

  2. Do not get confused with the above answer No.1. That answer is not for India. It is for US. They do not know that you are Indian and the question is on Indian Taxation. Ignore that answer.

    You can file your returns even now till 31.3.2008. As your income is below taxable, you need not pay any tax or any fine. You can file your returns in ITR-1.

    Where to file?
    If you are in the same town where you worked last year (06-07), then file your returns in that town in salary circle. If you are now working in another company in another town, then file where you are now. Take the help of your company finance or personal department to fill the return form.

  3. yes u can file the income tax return till 31st march if no tax is payable by u for this assesment/financial year. Buit, I have to ask u a question. If u have not pad any tax in 2006-2007 how come u have form 16. No company can issue a form 16 unless some tax is deducted. if no tax, then no form 16. how and where did YOU get it from.

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