3 Replies to “Can I create paypal accout without PAN card number?”

  1. Adding Pan details is compulsory


    In order to comply with the RBI Guidelines all PayPal users in India must add a Purpose Code, PAN and bank account in India to receive export-related payments into their PayPal account and withdraw money.

    Your account will be limited from receiving payments, in case you fail to do so.

  2. I guess not…
    Didn’t work for me when I tried 😀
    Why are you asking that? Saw someones card details but not the PAN code?

  3. No you can’t

    don know if it is good to share my pan card number.

    Why?It’s just a PAN card number and that’s what we supposed to do.Share it when are have transactions.Read the instructions that you got along with PAN card and the purpose of PAN card number is for these kinds of purposes

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