can i change Thai baht into Indian rupees at kolkata international airport?

need to know whether to bring the Thai baht into India and change there or should i change in thailand into dollars/euro and then change the dollars/euros in india into rupees? so if anyone knows for sure whether i can change thai baht into indian rupees in kolkata international airport, please answer here, thank you.

can i change Thai baht into Indian rupees at kolkata international airport?
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  1. My own personal choice would be to change to dollars even though you can probably change your money to rupees at the airport.

  2. Yes, currency exchange booth on the shopping concourse were able to accept Thai currency and dispense Indian last time I checked, however you will be restricted to changing your money at whatever rate they specify, whereas if you change it before you leave into dollars, when you get to India you can shop around for a better exchange rate than what the airport booth offers (which is almost always really terrible).

  3. I F i may advise you bring enough I nternational currency to
    tide you over till local banks can be open , and will accept your currency.
    ( many small shops will nott accept overseas cash)

  4. you can change thai baht into rupees or dollars after you reach india.

    but the rate may not suite you. u need to be quick on the math and should be able to work out –
    – the rate at which u changed from baht to rupees or baht to dollars/euro.
    – the rate at which u changed from baht to any other currency and then to change it to rupees.

    u need to keep a sharp look out for the changing rates.

  5. Kolkata International Airport is international in name and not in terms facility you are looking for.You can’t convert Baht into INR in Kolkata International Airport.You may be misguided by some.Please don’t try or expect this facility here.

  6. yes you can, but the rate can be over 10% worse than in the City. I would suggest you change a little and then change the rest at a private currency trader.
    For information the rates for the pound varied quite a lot
    Airport 1 pound = 70 Rupees
    Bank 1 pound = 77 Rupees
    Private shop 1 pound = 81 Rupees

    so you can see the benefit of shopping around.
    Good luck

  7. there is also a money-transfer facility international airport.this outlet(as well as some banks and the international airport)will exchange rupees back to major foreign currency provided u present ur enccashment certificate(s),passport and airline ticket.

  8. Yes you can. However carrying Dollar instead of Baht would get you more Rupees. Also private exchage dealers would pay you more than Airport.

    Check with
    R R Sen & Bros Pvt Ltd
    D-210,City Centre,Blk DC,Sector 1, Salt Lake City,, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700064

    R R Sen & Bros Pvt Ltd
    18 A/B/C, Chowringhee Rd, Dharmatala, Kolkata – 700013

    Thomas Cook I Ltd
    Infinity,Room No 2,, Sector 5,Block Gp,Salt Lake,, Sech Bhawan, Kolkata – 700091

    Thomas Cook India Ltd
    19b,1st Flr,Flat No 15, Shakespeare Sarani,, Midleton Row, Kolkata – 700071
    +(91)-(33)-22830476,22830477,22824711,22824712, 22830473,22830467

  9. Best option is to change your Thai bhat to Euro/GBP and then change that in India. Converting into USD may east up 4 to 5% as the rates are flactuating
    Change a small amount at the ariport at different Forex counters. Rest, you can encash at local shops for better value.
    Since the local shops are not authorised to deal in Forex, they pay higher rates to build personal forex reserve.

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