3 Replies to “Can I cash a demand draft without a bank account?”

  1. As far as in India, I can say that you can get the draft encashed without having any account in the Bank provided it is an open draft i.e. not crossed to be payable to “Payee’s Account” only but for getting payment you will have to prove your identity to the Bank for that purpose you must be having your Pass Port. It will be better if you visit the Branch of the Bank on which it is drawn in Pakistan to get the factual information about the system/practice prepailing there.

  2. Of course you can cash demand draft without a bank account,however the body that issues a demand draft should have the account.A Demand Draft is an instrument that signifies the availability of cash till the amount specified in the DD. It is similar to a cheque in appearance and usage with the difference that a cheque may or may not get cashed but a DD is guaranteed payment.I can suggest a site for better info.

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