Can i buy the property?

A person own a land which is bought by his mother in 1943. Now he is willing to sell the land. But his 2 sons are not allow him to sell. But he said that this property is his own by the way of his mother (if the property is coming from his father then only it is ancestral property) so he has all the rights to sell without the consent of his sons.

Can i buy the property without the consent of his sons.
the property is in india and we (seller & buyer) both are Indians

Can i buy the property?
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  1. Well this is ancestral property so without both agreement you can’t buy the property. if one will be agree and another not, you are not fully authorize to buy if one claim then you can’t do anything. Nevertheless if you are not satisfied with me you can concern to another real estate specialist person whose will provide the proper satisfaction means you can buy or not.
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  2. Check his legal documents . If he is the owner of the land , you can buy it . Also , see if his sons’ share is mentioned anywhere in his mother’s will .

  3. if the death and legal heir ship certificate of the deceased lady shows the person you are referring is the only legal heir, his sons cannot object. you can buy.

    still for further queries you may have to consult a lawyer.

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