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  1. SMART ULIP from SBI LIfe:

    Term period: 10years
    Premium Paying Term: 3 or 5 years.
    Minimum Premium: Rs 50,000/- or 60,000/- per annum.
    Sum assured: Rs 2,50,000/- or Rs 3,00,000/-

    Charges deducted from Premium paid:

    Premium Allocation Charges: 15% or Rs 7500/- in 1st year, 5% or Rs 2500/- thereafter.
    Policy Administration Charges: Rs 720/- every year.
    Additional Policy Administration Charges: Rs 1250/- for 3 years.
    Fund Management Charges: 1.5% p.a or Rs 750/- charged daily before calculating NAV.
    Mortality Charges: Not disclosed.

    Total Charges Deducted from Premium: 7500+720+1250+750+ Mortality Charges = Rs 10,220/- + Mortality Charges.

    So after deducting about 24% charges from your Premium, the balance is invested in your Investment Fund.

    The present NAV of FlexiProtect Fund is Rs 10.08

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