5 Replies to “can i buy Lic money plus Ulip plan by paying RS 4000 quaterly?”

  1. Hi Mr.Mohit,


    As you said you are thinking to buy LIC Money plus, I will provide you the details of the Ulip plans, then you can decide to invest.

    Where ever we invest we will look for few things, Company back ground and what are they upto in the market and what is there performance till now.

    I have made a analysis of every company’s fund performance and there growth rate that how much return they gave to customer for there investment.

    Coming to LIC Ulip, In the past five years It has given about 17.27% return and stands at 12th position in the market with respect to returns.

    Where as other companies like SBI given about 26.59% returns in last five years and stands at 2nd position in the return ranking,

    Leading Company HDFC Ulip given about 29.83% returns in last five years, Which stands in 1st position in the return rankings.

    One more thing is that this fund is performing constantly every year, every year it never came to at least 2nd position in return ranking. It is in 1st position from the time it has started 7 years back.

    So, My suggestion is invest in hdfc Ulip rather than going for LIC ulip.

    Hope so this information helped you…

    As you said you would like to invest 4000 quarterly, if you provide me your age i will send you the projection of returns to you, so that you can plan systematically….

    You can mail me your details to [email protected].

    Looking forward to help you….

    Krishna mohan.

  2. Avoid treating insurance as an investment. Go for PURE TERM COVER instead. There are better avenues like PPF / SIP in MUTUAL FUNDS / DIRECT EQUITY.

    Your insurance agent will not agree to this suggestion. Reason is obvious.

  3. buddy, no doubt LIC money plus is a good policy, however it is loaded with hefty allocation charges in initial years.

    Better go for bajaj allianz I gain policy where allocation charges are lowest as compared to any other policy. Actually you cant get this policy through agents and can be purchased online only.

    Since no agents are involved the company passes the agent’s share to you which is drastic reduction of allocation charges.

    Join my blog if you find my advice good after doing your own research


  4. Yes. Rs. 4000 per quarter is allowed. also 15 years is a perfect term for good returns in a ULIP plan.
    The insurance will be Rs. 80000 only i.e. 5 times of annual premium.

    Please take advice of professional agent to plan your life insurance portfolio.

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