Can I book a property with only Katha B?

I am planning to book a flat in Bangalore. But the builder is saying that it has only Katha B.
Is it safe for me to book this flat?
Can I apply for Katha A after taking possession of the flat? Or is it the builder’s responsibility to give Katha A while handling over?

What problems I may incur if i but a flat with only Katha B?

Please help.


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  1. B katha is no katha. the peripheral areas of Bangalore, which were in gram tanas were merged in to Bnagalore corporation and BBMP was formed. For these lands A khata has not yet been issued.

    For the purpose of collection of tax B kataha has been issued.

    As there is no a khata builder can not get you a khata after/ before possession.

    You can buy the flat.

    But you can not get bank loan and the building plan can not be approved, without a khata.

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