Can experts suggest me possible MFs for following?

With following plan to invest through SIPs can experts suggest me MFs? Objective here is longterm returns.
40,000 – Equity as
—->10,000 – Large cap 1 – Diversified
—->10,000 – Large Cap 2 – Diversified
—->10,000 – Mid cap 1 – Diversified
—->10,000 – mid cap 2- sector

5,000 – Balanced
10,000 – Debt as
—->5000 – Large cap
—->5000 – Mid cap

Can experts suggest me possible MFs for following?
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  1. 1. Diversified means diversification across sectors.
    2. If you are thinking of long term (which means about 5-10 years) I think you should invest all your money into pure equity. Equity delivers a return of about 20% over long term.
    3. Invest in only 5 star or at the most 4 star funds on
    4. I would suggest following asset allocation:

    30% – HDFC Top 200 – Growth (Diversified large cap)
    20% – Quantum Long term Equity – Growth (Diversified large cap)
    20% – Reliance RSF Equity – Growth (Diversified large/mid cap)
    15% – Sundaram Select Midcap – Growth (Diversified Midcap)
    10% – Canara Robeco Infrastructure – Growth (Sector)
    05% – Benchmark Mutual Fund – Gold Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme – Please note that this is a ETF. Hence, it requires demat account and has to be purchased like a share on stock exchange, not like mutual fund. Soon, Gold ETF-FoF (fund of fund) is going to be launched which can be purchased like MF without requirement of demat account.

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