Can college going students get a Credit Card ?

Credit Card is generally given to Salaried persons and businessmen. And the credit card issued has “credit limit” equal to the amount they have in their Bank Account. It requires a maintenance fee. And each credit is issued at some interest.

So can students get a credit card ? Is there anything else I need to be careful abt Credit Cards ?

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  1. well i would suggest to use debit card, which will be good option for you as a beginner. and yes you can apply for student credit cards.

  2. yeah collage kids can get a credit card(its actually good to get one if you pay it off because it will raise your credit score) , if you get one look out for rewards cards because they have higher interest rates. When you look for a credit card look for no or very low monthly payment and low interest rates, though you usually get one or the other

  3. Beware… College students are the number one targets of the credit card companies. Kids in school trying to get the feel for being on there own, yadayadayada. Be very cautious. make sure you can pay them back every month.

  4. Not exactly does all the banks provide students with the credit cards. There are one or 2 banks which provide credit cards to students and that too only in a limited cities.(Its the choice of the bank).Also that bank needs security signature from parents.

    By the way, my sincere suggestion would be to ignore the usage of credit card.its very dangerous.You have to have good knowledge in credit card.Only then you can use the credit card.From my personal experience,its just falling in pit.So,,y sincere suggestion would be not to go for it.Taking a credit card and spending on it is easy. but when you repay, you will find what the problem is all about.

    Credit limit is not based on the amount that is available in your bank account.First know the difference between credit and debit cards. A Credit card is like a mobile Post paid connection and the debit card is like a Mobile prepaid connection.

    You can use a a debit card only if you have amount in your bank account, where as the credit card there is not need to have amount in your bank account.(This is the reason the bank issues credit card only to salaried /business people). On the other way, if you open an account with the bank and have amount in your bank account, you can use the same amount throug debit card/atm card.

    Credit card has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. The person with very good knowledge of Credit card can make good use of it and a person without any knowledge /less knowledge will fall in pits. SO, all the readers of this ..just don’t go for credit card with out proper knowledge of it

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