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  1. Go in for ICICI. Although the brokerage charges are a bit higher when compared to other brokers, they offer integrated services with ur bank and demat a/c so that u can get hassle free services.
    Also they provide SPOT selling which is not found in any other broker in india.

  2. If you are new then my suggestion is to stay away from active trading .
    better route is through Mutual Funds .
    http://www.moneycontrol.com is free site with message board for Stocks and Mutual Fund section. This is run by CNBC . You can see some good MF for your self.
    Incase you want to trade in Stocks then you need DMAT account.
    Almost all banks / DP,s /Brokerages !
    any of the DP mentioned below for DMAT
    Share Khan , Geojit , Relaince Money ! Most of the Banks as well !

    How to start to open a Demat account?
    You have to approach a DP to open a Demat account. Most banks are DP participants so you may approach them.
    To have latest list of registered DP please visit websites http://www.nsdl.co.in and http://www.cdslindia.com.
    A broker and a DP are two different people. A broker is a member of the stock exchange, who buys and sells stocks on his behalf and also on behalf of his customers..

    Following are the documents required to open Demat account.
    When you approach any DP, you will be guided through the formalities of opening an account. The DP will ask to provide some documents as proof of your identity and address.
    Below is a list but you may not require all of them.
    PAN card, Voter’s ID, Passport, Ration card, Driver’s license, Photo credit card
    Employee ID card, IT returns, Electricity/ Landline phone bil

  3. I am also a broker, but I will suggest you to wait for some time before investing in stock market. Till then, inquire with the online and offline brokerage firms in your locality. If you have access to internet at office or home, you can choose online brokerages, otherwise offline brokers are also equally fine.
    Among the online brokerage firms, I will suggest ICICIDirect.com. Their charges are high, but they provide really convenient and hassle-free services.
    But trust me: this is NOT the right time for opening a trading account. If you are opening account with an offline broker, they might take your 5K as deposit only. If you are opening account with, say ICICI, they will require you to keep minimum 5K balance in your bank account. So, wait till you have savings of 15K or so. You will have good investment options then also.

  4. If your capital is just 5k then I suggest you to go for Reliance Money.. its the cheapest around.. and also it comes with an ICICI Bank account with NO MINIMUM Balance… thats a great feature…… Once you have accumulated more money… then switch to ICICI or HDFC.

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