can anyone tell me about property insurance?

I would like know which company can help in providing property insurance as i am confused slightly.

can anyone tell me about property insurance?
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3 Replies to “can anyone tell me about property insurance?”

  1. State Farm, Farmers, Travelers, Allstate, etc. There are many property insurance companies. Google “property insurance” + your area.

    It is best to talk to an agent who can explain what you need. Get recommendations from neighbors on who they use and like.

  2. yes there are many types of insurance, you have to speak to your agent and find out information, or else do some homework before you approach anyone. Find out the relevant information from the insurance website, you can thank me later, check this on and search with your keyword: property insurance

  3. I agree with shivani, I have done my insurance with ICICI Lombard, they can help you and guide you better, do some homeowork by going to website and then call some agent or even book your insurance online in 5 mins.

    Also there is a great online calculator which helps in telling you actual payment and premium calculation…

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