4 Replies to “can anyone suggest an attractive investment of about rupees 1.5 lakhs which can earn me the maximum.?”

  1. you have done 4 part of your money and 25% invested in stock market and 25% invested in assets like land gold and propertyy and 25% invested in Fixed Deposite and 25% remain cash on hand this is the planningg

  2. Hi Asok,

    Right investment depends upon your risk taking capacity and investment horizon.

    Now let’s see various investment options:

    Safe Category:
    PPF (maximum 70000 could be invested in a year, 8 % rate of interest)
    NSC (8 % rate of interest, compounded half yearly, better than PPF in terms of returns, but no tax benefit on interest)
    Bank Fixed Deposits
    Post Office Schemes

    Moderate / High Risk Category:
    Mutual Funds for long duration i.e. in excess of 5 years
    Corporate Debentures
    Infrastructure Bonds



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