7 Replies to “Can anyone suggest a insurance plan for a person visiting USA for 2 years with family?”

  1. You just need a good broker to help you find some plans. There are a small handful to help you. You can look at international travel insurance or international health insurance. The broker can help you decide which is better.

  2. You can go for the overseas plan of Tata-Aig and i am saying this because AIG the foreign partner of the group has its own branch in US.
    There would be speedy disposal of the claim in case should there be one.

    One of my friends who had gone to the US in the past had suggested me this and this is what i am sharing with you now.

  3. Medical costs are prohibitive in USA. Therefore, one should obtain medical insurance policy before leaving the country. All general insurance companies are issuing such policies(United India, Oriental Fire and General Insurance, New India, ICICI Prudential, Birla Insurance, etc.). Please get in touch with an agent, he will tell you all the options. In every locality, their offices of agents.

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