5 Replies to “Can anyone share links on how is income tax calculated for Shares?”

  1. I dont think that there is any specific calculation for share income.
    What i think is that whether you have share income, or any other income, like salary, or business income, your total receipts, incomes will be your INCOME for that financial year. Tax is calculated after deducting your allowable expenses.

  2. Tax is calculated on income if crosses tax slab ( income from salary, house property,Business income, capital gain income and other income) during any financial year which is normally 1.4.2010 to 31.3.2011.i.e.current year month April to March to next year.

  3. There is no tax on the gain for shares which are held for at least 1 year or more. Long term gains are tax free.

    Shares held for less than 1 year come under short term gain. You will have to pay 15.45% tax on the gain.

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