Can anyone please enlighten me more about the life insurance scheme of Bajaj Allianz?

It seems we have to pay lumpsum Rs.12000/- p.a.for 3 years.
As soon as you pay the first 12000/-, you can either choose if you want to take a insurance plan or to buy products.
The insurance policy is for 20 years.
For accidental death you get so much of Rs. &
For natural death you get so much…
If you wish to back out, after 3 years you can even withdraw it. You will get it with interest.
The co. invests your money in mutual funds & after 20 years they pay you depending upon the return of investments.
The other part is the business plan which is optional.
You have to make 2 members under you i.e.A & B. Then they have to again make 2 members & so on.
As the branch starts expanding, you are paid some 1000 Rs. per head…

Many people are taking this policy. I am also interested in taking but before that I want to know the full details of this scheme, the pros & cons etc.

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  1. you mingled two things in one question.
    1. bajaj allianz’s capital Unit gain policy.
    2. referral bonus / commission paid by the network marketing companies for referring to buy policies or any other products.

    1.Bajajs capital Unit gain policy is the best insurance policy amoung all the unit linked policy. low charges and high returns are the pros. cons as any other ULIPs and MF the investment risk is to prone by the policy holders. the min annual premium is only 10000 . 12000 is not needed. if 12000 means you are paying more than needed.

    2. it is the ref feral bonus plan by the net work corporates gives to whom ref fer people to purchase any products or insurance policy. it is the optional if you ref fer you will get commission. the amount what the shop keepers and insurance agent earn by selling these is now shared among the consumers who give leads to the agency. there is lot of pros for customers.
    but for buying insurance policy 10000 Pa is enough. not 12000. for each re feral you should get re feral commission of rs 1000 average. and also from your teams ref feral you should get Rs1000 per pair.
    I purchased one policy (Rs 10000 only)through this ref feral programme. got back more than that by referring people and their referrals.
    if you mail me,you can have mare details about the policies and referral programme benefit,

    [email protected]

  2. Hi Meena,
    It is nice to know that you are rescearching before buying this plan.
    There are a few points which you should check on before taking this call.
    Majority of insurance agents happily inform you that paying premium for 3 years is enough.
    Please note that there are various charges which will be deducted throughout the term of 20years on a monthly and annual basis from the premiums that you pay for 3 years.
    This deductions take place throughout the life of the policy.
    Which means if the stock market goes down in the next 3 years then your policy could lapse.
    This does not mean that the Unit Linked plan is no good, but the premium should be paid through life of the policy for best returns.

    Secondly there is no gaurantee or interest on the money you invest. Your returns will be linked to the stock market returns if you opt for the equity plan.

    If you plan to invest just for 3 years then investment in Mutual funds is better then ULIPS with respect to returns that you would earn.

    Regarding the Business Plan I would like to just say that the comissions payed to agents and distributors comes only from the premium payed by the life assured. Hence imagine how much of your premium would be invested into stocks after payment of commissions.

    Lastly to check the strength of your plan ask for a signed copy of the illustration for the suggested plan. The returns shown at the end of 10 years should be compared with other companies plans to find which gives a better performance.
    Kindly revert if you need any more info on the subject

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