Can anyone advice me for proper investment?

I work for a private concern and draw a consolidated pay of Rs.20,000/- per month. My age is 31 and my wife is about to give birth to a baby by end of this year. My monthly commitment will be approximately Rs.10,000/- per month which includes my house rent, groceries, fuel, mobile bill, electricity, water, servant maid, other miscellaneous.

I am about to get a share of Rs.5 Lakhs from my parents which i am planning for a long term investment. I am also planning to build a house in my own land which i purchased recently in another 3 to 4 years max for a budget of 10 to 12 lakhs. Now please suggest me some ways in which i can start my savings from now onwards in such a way that i will have about 2 to 3 lakhs before i start my construction so that i can use it as the initial payment to avail a home loan. I also would like to have some corpus funds which can be liquidated easily for any emergency purposes. I would also like to save for my child’s education and our retired life. As of now i do not have any insurance policy also. I and my wife hold a ICICI lombard health insurance alone.

Please suggest me how effectively can use my resources to save / invest so that we can lead a economically safe life and still achive our goals.

Can anyone advice me for proper investment?
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  1. hi friend,You can do 2 ways…. One is investing 1/4th of your money in fixed deposit and 1/4 in the mutual fund and remaining in the in Share market…Many one thing that share market is risky, but that is an illusion, Reason is that when you try to make quick money in the share market you will lose all your money and you will blame the market..But instead if you are investing in share market in a long term perspective(4 – 5 years) you will surely get a return of 30-35, which is not possible in any other investment,so if you a long term view, i can assure you that you will get very good return

    The other way is you invest half of your money in GOLD ETF and remaining in the Share market

    Both will give you nice return only for a long term investors

    For more detail:
    [email protected]

  2. I’ll recommend you divide your money into 10 equal parts and put those as following-
    * 1 part in Stock Market
    * 2 part in Mutual Funds
    * 4 parts in Bank Fixed Deposits
    * 3 parts in other company’s Fixed Deposits

    Never invest the bigger part of your hard- earned money in Stock market and also in MF as it’s related to stocks. Do it only when you have earned the money from share market. In the stocks, you can invest in Mahinda and Mahindra, SBI, Tata Steel etc. These are very good and almost risk-less. Although I could tell you to invest the total in SBI share instead of FD (as it’s almost sure), but share is share! So you can follow the above path. And the 4th part I mentioned, I meant the FD of the companies like Unitech, Tata Motors, McDowell Holdings, United Breweries Holdings etc.

  3. Hi Vinodh,

    This is Vishwas from India. I am investment banker here in India.

    I can help you out planning your investment cracking the nitty gritties of investment. Mail me back if interested,

    Vishwas Joshi

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