3 Replies to “Can anybody predict the Nifty range tomorrow?”

  1. Depending on your holding period and your investment style a 125 shares of Kotak Mahindra Bank @ INR 561 may be a good investment decision or a bad investment decision.

    The stock itself is good. Now, as far as getting cold feet is concerned. If you are not comfortable with your earlier buy decision then it would logically cause you to sell it in the next few days. If the stock price moves down thereafter you would be happy that you had sold it at a higher price to book a marginal profit or at a reduced loss.

    Whatever you do, but make sure you take a look at this stock amongst others 3 to 6 months down the line.



  2. 1. no one can predict next days movments in market correctly. if i could do it, i would be a miilionair in just about 5 days.

    2. re kotak bank, now that you have bought in a declining market, have patience and remain invest at least for about two months. u will definitely get a chance to sell it on profit.even yessterday it went upto rs 584.00

    3. a wild guess. nifty will open at least 50 points up today i.e. 29 aug because nifty in sigapore is up by about 65 points at 0930 hrs singapore time

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