can anybody knows how much gold i can bring from dubai?

i am visiting dubai on 27-04-2010 to 02-05-2010 for pleasure with family members is any boby knows the rule for gold ? how much gold i bring with me? what is duty? i am from india.

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  1. A little trick i learned about moving gold. WEAR IT! Its what me and my mum used to do when going from india (goa) back home to England. Mum would get jewelery made, mens and womens rings, necklaces, ankle bracelets, then just wear it. Even if our bags were searched nobody thought we might be wearing a couple of thousand pounds worth of gold. It was well outside of the english limits.

  2. the main thing about brining gold is that you should have information about your country and how much duty they levy on gold that is not being worn, a small pack in your luggage will not be a problem but if you bring in heavy loads and its detected at the machines, they will have to pay duty too.

    the best thing is that if its jewelry you wear it, this is one trick that will save you any problem, the thing is that you should be careful of transporting gold or you can be caught for smuggling.

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