Can anybody here explain me about stock market and sensex?

I want to know about some ground details about sensex & stock martket. How to buy stocks or shares, When to buy them. How to know that the company will make profit or not.

or plz suggest me few websites who can explain me all these details easily THANKS!!!

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  1. 1&2)Stock market is the market where share are purchase &sold .Time10a.m to 4p.m.first u have to open a account i.e D-mat account for trading. Make contact to prefered share broker for your share trading.they charge 0.5%as a brokerage & u have to pay security trasection fee 0.125%. 1) sensex shows the groth of economy .3)For buy when face value is more than market price go for buying.& vice versa.4)through company income statement, throug distibution of dividend.and if the company offer bonus.

  2. you can learn the ABCs of share market from the sharekhan site (… i myself have learnt the basics from here and have been quite successful in trading in last two years. take a lesson at a time. learning well give rich pay offs.

    shares can be traded online though a demat account. you need to have a PAN number to open the demat account. Following are reputed Demat providers

    i started trading with a very small portfolio (Rs 5k). with time i gained experience and confidence and i diversified. avoid margins and future trading to start with.

    usually, the demat sites offer daily/weekly/monthly tips to the registered users. in addition, the following site offer good tips (from CNBC TV18)

    Caution: No book / tip / recommendation can make you a successful investor. you need to follow your own hunch. patience is the best friend and temptation the worst enemy.

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