2 Replies to “Can any suggest best site for transferring money from europeon bank account to indian bank account?”

  1. You cannot transfer funds from any external site/external link. Go to the particular bank’s website. You need to have user ID, pwd etc., from the bank where you have account. Then using the bank’s website, follow the procedure to transfer money to Indian bank account.

  2. ALWAYS use the official site from your own bank, and ONLY that site to transfer money from your account to another account, wherever that one may be. All others are no good, because the bank did not give them permission to do so for sure!. If you mean whether there are other ways to send money to a bank account in India, by using your bank account, you could take a look at XOOM, where you can open up an account and send money to anyone with an email address, but again, be sure who you are sending money. Don’t fall for any of the ” pay this bit and you will get millions-scams”. Depending on where you are in Europe there are good and SAFE solutions with e.g. a special card for you and for the person that needs to receive the money (e.g. your mother), but at this time they are only operational in Germany and Austria, though more countries will follow soon, I heard from them. If you need o know more contact me.

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