3 Replies to “Can any one suggest me child plans with better returns?”

  1. If you are referring to college savings plans (or 529 plans), then there are a variety of different programs to consider. But in any 529 program (which is tax free if used for school for the child), the return is based on the investments in the account. Keep in mind that the markets haven’t performed well for the last 10 years, so in nearly all 529 programs that are self-directed (meaning you pick the investments), then 10 year numbers don’t look that good. Since your daughter is 3 years old and has 15 years before college, that is long-enough time to consider a moderately aggressive investment mix, especially if you intend to add to it from time to time. You are limited in a 529 program that is self-directed to the number of changes you can make each year and to the types of investments.

    Many states off a “pre-paid” tuition program that are also referred to as 529. You pay a lump sum now or even payments that guarantees that when the child goes to school, the state will pay for it. However, I personally don’t like these programs because the state could technically reduce benefits and back out of the contract. Although unlikely to happen, it is something to consider especially with most states going into massive debts.

  2. Trust me, all kind of ulip plans offered by insurance companies are same. Insurance company add emotional touch to the product by terming it as child plan etc.

    Better not consult any insurance agent as they will suggest plans with highest allocation charges in initial years decresing your net yield % drasticaly.

    do your own research and find the ULIP with lowest charges. However there is 1 I gain policy from Bajaj allianz which can be purchased online only without the involvement of any agents. This is one of the lowest cost ulip and agents commision benefit is passed on to the customer. Hence you are the sole beneficiary.

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