4 Replies to “Can any of the SBI policies (insurance or pension or investment) be taken without any involvement of agents?”

  1. YES.. You can approach the Bank or LIC Directly… The investor does not benefit cos these companies give no discounts. The premiums remain the same.

  2. the agents can be made up as employees then the agency problem will be solved then if they become eimployees that is the benefit(?) of the investors

  3. Regarding LIC, the policies are sold through Agents only. If you contact LIC directly, they will send you an agent to talk to you. Remember, agents are not charging you anything. You call them, they are at your door step. If an Agent is involved, you don’t have to avail leave to go to your LIC Branch, several times. An investor like you sit at home and get yourself insured without moving out of his house. The exception being that if medical is needed, you have to go yourself. Even the policy document, if you authorize him to collect, he will deliver you faster. Again, if you have any problems related to your policy or any other LIC Policy, he will be ready to help you. This is an advantage to you and you are saving your valuable time + transportation costs. Normally most people are suspicious when they are offered a free service.

  4. Yes. The policy can be taken without involvement of agent/IA directly through SBI Life’s login branches. The benefit of getting a policy without involvement of agent is that ,the agent /IA will not get any part of commission from the amount which is paid at the initial stage as a premium and the amount shall add to the net investable part of the policy. In short term more amount get invested!!!

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