3 Replies to “Can a person in India get money in his bank a/c from abroad through paypal? How to activate a paypal account?”

  1. Yes, you can get money transferred in your bank account through paypal.

    You can activate your paypal account using your credit card.

    If you have your account with HDFC, uou can also activate your paypal account using HDFC virtual card (NetSafe Card).

  2. yes he can. just make a account in paypal and fill up the details of your bank account in add bank account option in profile and than you can withdraw money to your account. You are knew to paypal. Just go through paypal a little and have a feel of it. Its all the functions are simple and once you understood it, it will be very easy for you to do online money transaction

  3. You have to simply open a paypal account by giving user details. Once the paypal user is registered, you can link it to your bank account directly.

    Paypal can send you cheque by post also, which you can deposit in your account. Opening a paypal account is very easy. It is a simple sign up process.

    That’s it. All the best for your writing job!!

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